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Freiburg Sofa Talks

The Freiburg Sofa Talks Corpus (main author: Stefan Pfänder, coordination: I. Satti & E. Schumann) comprises 168 video recordings ranging in duration from 10 to 40 minutes. In each recording, two people collaboratively reconstruct their shared experiences while sitting on a sofa together. The corpus contains material from four European languages (mainly Italian, Spanish, French and German). The protagonists in each of the recordings have known each other for quite some time: they may be close friends, siblings or married couples. They were instructed to jointly recall things they have experienced together in the past. Shared experience of the narrated events in question was critical for inclusion in the corpus. Before each recording starts, the two participants are explicitly asked to tell their stories together, which is intended to guarantee equal epistemic authority as well as an equal right to speak. The two protagonists are free to choose the episodes they will talk about beforehand. The recording takes place in the presence of a third person -- a close friend, another sibling, or a neighbour – who, however, does not actively intervene in the reminiscing. This has two implications. First, the two participants on the sofa self-manage the process of choosing their topics and of assigning speaker roles. Second, the recipient is not exclusively the partner on the sofa, since the third person, who is sitting next to a fixed camera, may constitute a further possible addressee.

Authors: D. Alcon (European Spanish Data, Data base administration), D’Antoni (U. Freiburg, Italien data), D. Dressel (Canadian & African French & English Data), M. Garachana (U. Barcelona, Barcelona Spanish & Catalan Data), S. Pfänder (U. Freiburg & DFG GRK Frequency Effects, Responsible)I. Satti (U. Freiburg, American Spanish Data & Coordination), E. Schumann (U. Freiburg, German, Russian & European French Data, Student Accounts)

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